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Sustainability ahead - use of a combined heat and power plant!

The combined heat and power plant (CHP) produces heat and electricity at the same time, optimizing our energy efficiency.

This is how our CHP works:

Combustion: A conventional fuel such as LPG is burnt to drive a turbine.

Power generation: The turbine produces mechanical energy, which is converted into electrical energy by a generator.

Heat recovery: During the power generation process, heat is generated that would normally be lost as waste heat. The CHP unit feeds this heat into our heating system for heating purposes. If no heat is required, the CHP unit switches off automatically to avoid energy losses.

The result?

We generate around 12,000 kW of electricity every month, covering part of our own electricity needs - from lighting to operating our machines. This not only reduces our CO2 emissions, but also significantly lowers our electricity costs. For 2024, we expect to save €25,200 in electricity costs. A real benefit for the environment and our company!

Together we are shaping a greener future!

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