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Our Compliance

We are very mindful of our role as a responsibly active member of society and, consequently, of our responsibility towards customers, business partners, and employees. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

We are therefore committed to the principles of conduct that such an awareness compels us to embrace. These principles form the basis for our entrepreneurial activities and social conduct. We address the moral compass of each of our employees to act honestly, with integrity and ethically correct.

The code of conduct is part of our culture, part of our everyday communication and supported by our management. With regular compliance trainings and our code of conduct we assist our employees in to always adhere to legal regulations, internal guidelines, and ethical standards.

Please click here to download the AURORA code of conduct.

SpeakUp Reporting System

The reporting system “SpeakUp” has been introduced to make it as easy as possible for whistleblowers to anonymously report possible wrongdoing. The system creates additional trust and security on the basis of a clearly defined structure for the reporting and the escalation process, which is safely accessible to everyone, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the group and averting damage.

Here you will find the privacy information for whistleblowers and parties involved.

More documents on SpeakUp:

SpeakUp Guide
SpeakUp FAQs

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