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Bus and Coach

Innovation propels us toward the continuous improvement of heating- and cooling-requirements for passenger transport. Our engineers offer the best system solutions and numerous options for customer-specific heating, cooling systems in busses.

Side-wall heaters such as our standard ‘Oscar’ offer heating options which are, in the long-term, both sustainable and dependable. The additional components will be placed under seating and on the floor. Need for front-boxes to provide comfort to the driver space will be determined based on the individual vehicle concept. In doing so, various alternatives for the heating and cooling of the anterior bus areas can be offered. Our engineering team works continuously on innovations and optimizations for the heating and cooling of buses, actively targeting maximal efficiency and optimal comfort. Through our Efficiency for Comfort (E4C) campaigns, the AURORA Group has reached the pinnacle of heating, cooling technologies.

Additionally, the application of special aluminum alloys for in-house developed heat exchangers and housings as well as synthetic materials.

This makes possible a significant reduction in weight and distracting noise emissions along with simultaneously higher lifetimes and performance.

Additionally, AURORA offers a new product line of control panels for individual requirements with modular assembly. This allows to select the requested operating functions without additional tooling costs, thus enabling individual operating possibilities at attractive prices.

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