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Sustainability ahead - new heating system for a climate-friendly future!

We are currently converting our oil heating system to a pellet heating system with a combined cogeneration unit. With this conversion to environmentally friendly heating, we are saving 95 tons of CO2 per year. Unlike the old oil heating system, burning wood pellets only releases as much climate-damaging CO2 as would be produced by natural decomposition. The pellet system heats in an almost climate-neutral manner and thus has an excellent environmental balance. Another plus point is the high availability of wood since it is a renewable raw material. The production of wood pellets also requires less energy than the provision of oil. For the implementation of this project, some preliminary work had to be done in advance. First, the earthworks for the foundation of the pellet silo and the work for the shaft of the screw conveyors were carried out. Finally, a heavy transport delivered the pallet silo, which is 10 m high, 3 m wide and weighs almost 4 tons. Upon arrival in Mudau, a 200-ton crane lifted the silo from the neighboring property onto our prefabricated concrete foundation. The plant is expected to go into operation in August.

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