AURORA – a daughter of INDUS Holding AG

Since 1990, INDUS Holding AG has served as the parent-company to AURORA. INDUS is a leading specialist for the sustainable participation as well as development of businesses within the German mid-tier classification (Mittelstand). Predominantly, INDUS acquires family-owned businesses in the manufacturing industry and supports their stake with long-term direction for corporate development. Their daughters are strategically placed, especially in niche markets. As a publicly held and growth-oriented financial investor, INDUS ensures that the group companies maintain their special strengths and mid-tier identities.


The strategy “Buy, Hold & Develop” adopted by INDUS secures, on one hand, the mid-tier characteristics of speed, ingenuity and adaptability. On the other hand, the strategy connects these traits with the future reliability of a financially-strong group with about 1.65 billion € turnover and more than 10,000 members worldwide.