Our History


Global Innovation: First heater for buses, ever

AURORA was born with an innovative idea. At the end of the 1920s, Konrad G. Schulz installed a heater inside the Ford Model A, one which carried warmth from the heater circuit to the inside of the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Schulz assembled a comparable heater, installing it into “AURORA”, one of the buses of his own bus fleet. Later, he presented the prototype to Karl Kässbohrer in Ulm to captivate him with the never-before-felt power of his innovative heating devices, convincing him to offer the heaters as optional equipment.


AURORA Founded

AURORA was founded in Schkeuditz, Germany, near Leipzig. This move represents the spark which ignited the flame AURORA has become today.


New beginnings post-war in Krefeld

New beginnings post-war in Krefeld In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Schulz family re-established AURORA in western Germany, in Krefeld.


Move to Mudau

In 1965, a new chapter for AURORA unfolded. At that time, the company widened its production capabilities, meanwhile relocating its headquarters from Krefeld to the headquarters today in Mudau, a small town located in southwestern Germany. AURORA’s product portfolio of heating and ventilation for buses and trains would then be expanded to mobile machinery with attached cabins in the 1960s, followed by cooling solutions in the early 1990s. Likewise, in years to come, the strategy of AURORA developed further, in both a steadfast and stabile manner. Today, we work as a partner recognized worldwide for complete solutions.


AURORA is acquired by INDUS Holding AG

Since 1990, AURORA has grown in terms of financial stability under the protection of INDUS Holding AG. INDUS is a leading specialist for sustainable participation and development. As an investment holdings firm, INDUS ensures that their companies conserve their special strengths and identities.


Foundation of AURORA Turkey

Since this time, AURORA has enhanced not only its production capabilities and capacities, but simultaneously attained the necessary knowledge to play in the premier league of thermal technologies for vehicles.


Founding of AURORA North America


Acquisition of HEAVAC B.V.


Purchase of Electronic Equipment B.V.


Global Presence

Across all five continents, customers of AURORA benefit from the performance of AURORA HVAC. Designs are not only created in Mudau alone, but also at two locations in the Netherlands as well as in the United States.


Relocation AURORA Turkey

AURORA Turkey has moved to a larger building in 2021. The new location not only offers twice as much production space, but also many possibilities for expansion, thus enabling future growth.